Friday, January 28, 2005

Fat Joe Says: "Use A Dental Dam!"

It's amazing how many quality tracks are on this compilation, considering that most "benefit" albums are garbage. And while there are plenty of disposable tracks to be found on America Is Dying Slowly, the all-star line up yields some rewarding combinations. OC and Buckwild add-on to the Word...Life legacy with "What I Represent", which was the last track I can remember hearing O kicking his super-lyrical, humble-magnificent style which was largely abandoned for the arrogant, dumbed-down verbal techniques he served-up on most of Jewelz. Check for some kid attempting to "drop science" at the end for some bonus skit action. "Nasty Hoes" is strictly some dope Bronx material, as Sadat X and Joey Crack get down over another quality Diamond D track, all the while managing to actually stick with the topic of the album. Gutter legends Money Boss Players don't bother with all that safe-sex talk, as they stick to what they do best - kicking that hardcore street shit - over a priceless Minnesota soundtrack. There's also good shit from De La Soul, Organized and Mobb Deep - plus a bunch of stuff not from New York that I didn't listen to - but you'll have to cop the album to get the rest of it. Oh yeah, and the CD version is "Enhanced" with artist interviews, song lyrics and Mix Master game, which basically consists of low-resolution, five second clips of rappers saying stuff like "AIDS is bad and stuff".

O.C & Buckwild - "What I Represent" (America Is Dying Slowly, East West, 1996)

Sadat X, Fat Joe & Diamond D - "Nasty Hoes" (America Is Dying Slowly, East West, 1996)

Money Boss Players - "Games" (America Is Dying Slowly, East West, 1996)