Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Saga Begins

The opening installment of the First Family was brought to us by a 4th & Broadway compilation album put together by producer Silver D (who also did some tracks for Positive K's album).

"Produced in the violent, impoverished Brownsville section of Brooklyn, The Hill That's Real is a frank depiction of the streets by young adults who risk their lives everyday by simply existing in an enviroment that's rough, rugged and raw." (taken from the back cover). It's also Li'l Fame's first appearence on record, before he was joined by fellow Mash Out Posse member Billy Danzenie to ask the world "How About Some Hardcore?".

Fame also penned a couple of tracks on the album for some broad named Big Ken (?). With songs like "4 Star Bitch" and "All About The Pussy", she was either Brownsville's version of Choice or the blueprint for Lil' Kim, depending on your point of view. A few people also liked "Wrek The Art" by ASAP, but who gives a shit about the other guys from this album...it's all about M.O.P!

Li'l Fame - "Neighborhood Hood" (The Hill That's Real, 4th & Broadway, 1992)

Li'l Fame - "Bring The Rukus" (The Hill That's Real, 4th & Broadway, 1992)