Sunday, January 09, 2005

Still Queensbridge's Most Dangerous

Ever since "Wopp Sensation" and "Beat You Down", Poet has been a hard-head. Jumping in to protect the name and reputation of Queensbridge when BDP were tearing shreads off Shan, Poet also felt the wrath of KRS at his prime when the Numero Uno remix of "I'm Still #1" dropped. Nevertheless, he kept trooping and teamed-up with DJ Hot Day to form the imaginativly-titled PHD (Poet & Hot Day). After serving some hard time on Tuff City, Poet went back to the corner for a minute, and it wasn't until he joined Hostyle, Solo (aka Kyron) and KL to form Screwball that we returned to the booth officially.
Poet & Premier's "F.A.Y.B.A.N." and "Seen It All" provided two of the highlights of Y2K, so it was no suprise when I heard them combine forces for Poet's latest solo venture. The strange thing is, the single on Year Round wasn't the same cut that anniliated the competition on Marley Marl's Future Flavas Vol. 1 CD from a couple of years back. "Poet Has Come" and "A Message From Poet" were both quality efforts, but "Poet's Comin'" (confused yet?) is easily the best thing that either party has done in a long time. Since it seems unlikely that the Blaq Poet album is going to include this banger (unless every fuckin' track contains the word "Poet"), I thought I'd share it to kick off this new, illigitimate spawn of A Tribute To Ignorance.

Poet - "Poet's Comin'"(unreleased, 2001)