Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Top Notch - Kurious Guest Shots

If you're not up on Kurious Jorge and his Constipated Monkey (Hoppoh/Columbia, 1994) album, you need to get your shit together and track down a copy. Here are a couple of cameo appearences from the Magician. "Young Stars From Nowhere" featured on Powerule's Volume 1 LP, and finds Curious Jorge doing his thing alongside Rebel, Johnny Jay and the The Prince Power. Prince and Kurious teamed-up again four years later to grace Main One's debut album, combining with Joe Fatal and Fat Joe for Domingo's Spanglish contribution, "El Gran Combo".

Powerule - "Young Stars From Nowhere" (Volume 1, Poetic Groove/Interscope, 1991)

Main One - "El Gran Combo" (Birth of the Ghetto Child, Select, 1995)