Tuesday, February 01, 2005

139 & Lennox = The Dangerzone

The topic of the tracks removed from the retail version of Lifestyles Ov Da Poor & Dangerous came up today...so here we go.

"School Days" is the classic tale of coming up that most people used to throw on their album when they ran out of decent ideas, but L adds his own unique twist to make it this cut stand out. As far as production honors - I'm guessing Finesse did it.
"Times Is Hard On The Boulevard" is Big L's tribute to robbery experts, set to a Rakim hook and a dope (Buckwild / Showbiz?) beat.
Another common topic is the old reliable "burnt-by-the-neighbourhood-skeezer" story, which was played-out like 8-ball jackets at the time but still entertaining. But it's not suprising they left "Clinic (Should Have Wore A Rubber)" off the final version of the album (also a Lord Finesse contribution I assume).
Finally, one of L's last performances in Amsterdam showcases what I believe to be the original lyrics to "Devil's Son", which he changed for the promo-only 12" version that dropped in '93.

Most of you already have these, but just in case.....

Big L - "School Days" (Unreleased, 1994).

Big L - "Clinic (Should Have Wore A Rubber)" (Unreleased, 1994).

Big L - "Times Is Hard On The Boulevard" (Unreleased, 1994).

Big L - "Devil's Son" (Live In Amsterdam)