Sunday, February 20, 2005

Bad Movie, Great Song Part 7 - The Fan

I guess Robert De Niro got to a point in his career where he though - "I've made some a bunch of great movies already - now it's time to get paid so I can afford to date some more supermodels", which is why he currently appears in things like Rocky and Bullwinkle. Back in 1996, he made a movie called The Fan, which was about an over-zealous baseball fan stalking his idol, who just happened to look a lot like Wesley Snipes. While it may initially seem like he was reprising his role of Rupert Pupkin from The King of Comedy, it's really just Single White Female with a jockstrap. Some consider it to be "the worst sports movie ever".

The soundtrack only contained a couple of rap cuts, but one of them happened to be "Unstoppable", which was one of Mic Geronimo's finest moments, due in no small part to an excellent Pete Rock beat (which sounds a lot better in his hands than it did on Kool G Rap's "Foul Cats"). You may remember Mic as Irv Gotti's old buddy, since he produced "Shit's Real" for Geronimo back when Ja Rule was still just another member of the Cash Money Click. Mic Geronimo dropped an album called The Natural which contained some great songs like "Men Vs Meny" with O.C. and Royal Flush, as well as "Masta IC" and a few other quality Buckwild-produced tracks. The other half of the album was really boring though, since Mic's monotonous, Nas-inspired delivery was a little too laid-back for it's own good, often blending into the music so effectively that the listener stopped paying attention to him. When he followed-up with Vendetta, he made several blatant attempts at radio crossover tunes with Puff Daddy and Jay-Z cameos, and some really cheesy samples. The only highlight was the inclusion of "Unstoppable" and a Tragedy verse.

Mic Geronimo - "Unstoppable" (The Fan Soundtrack, TVT, 1996)

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