Monday, February 28, 2005

Cheesy Movie with Some Good Songs Part 9 - Strictly Business

For the final chapter in this month's series on Soundtracks to Bad Movies, I thought I'd hit you with a little Uptown flavour (Andre Harrel's version, sorry Dipset fans). While this cheesy romantic comedy featuring a young Halle Berry and Tommy Davidson was light on the "laffs", it did provide a couple of quality tracks. Marley Marl provides LL with the forgettable title-track, Heavy D commits his usual crimes against good taste with "Make The People Sing", Nice and Smooth offer the classic "How To Flow" and LaQuan reminds us why people stopped using live instruments in hip-hop after 1983. On the R 'n B side, Stephanie Mills, Jeff Red and Jodeci do their thing for those of you who enjoy that shit (Mary J. Blige's "You Remind Me" is classic broad music though).

Leaders of the New School
bring their usual antics with another energetic performance (demonstrating that you can pay homage to Cold Crush without resorting to Jurrassic 5's yawn-inducing "look at us, we're old school" tactics), with the outstanding "Shining Star". Dope positive rap? Who knew? Grand Puba demonstrates why he left Brand Nubian with the Fonda Rae-based "Fat Rat". His vision of light-hearted verbal gymnastics set to classic, dancefloor friendly tracks was a long way from "Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down". But he'll always be Steady Bootleggin's number one cross-eyed MC.

[tracks taken from the original cassette version, hiss included at no extra charge]

Leaders of the New School - "Shining Star" (Strictly Business Soundtrack, Uptown/MCA, 1991)

Grand Puba - "Fat Rat" (Strictly Business Soundtrack, Uptown/MCA, 1991)