Saturday, February 12, 2005

Decent Movie, Better Soundtrack Part 4 - New Jersey Drive

This is another flick which I can't remember too clearly, but I can recall it being better than I had expected but still far from classic. Basically some guys steal a bunch of cars in Brick City, have a few laughs and then it all goes downhill. What's worth noting about this project is that the Tommy Boy soundtrack was so extensive that they had to release two albums worth of songs (most of which weren't even heard in the movie). Part one had some alright stuff but the second volume contained the real gems.

"You Won't Go Far" saw the original Fudge Pudge squad back in action as OK and O.C. stick to the script while adding their signature super-lyrical twist to proceedings, all set to a typically gloomy, snare-cracking backdrop. While not much was heard from the E. Bros following their debut here, Roc Raida's addictive Les McCann piano-driven instrumental steals the show and overshadows any lyrical short-comings on "Funky Piano". Jeru and Premier contribute the superior "Invasion", but since it turned up on the Wrath of the Math album I won't bother featuring it here. As far as Black Moon & Smif 'N Wessun's "Headz Ain't Ready", I prefer the 12" remix to the version included here but it's still some quality Bootcamp product.

O.C. & Organized Konfusion - "You Won't Go Far"(New Jersey Drive Soundtrack - Volume 2, Tommy Boy, 1995)

E. Bros - "Funky Piano" (New Jersey Drive Soundtrack - Volume 2, Tommy Boy, 1995)