Friday, February 25, 2005

A Documentary I've never seen with some good songs Part 8 - On The Ropes

This is another movie that I've never seen, which isn't really a big issue since we're not here to talk popcorn....this is an independant documentary about boxers in Brooklyn, called On The Ropes. The notable thing about this project is that Ray "Web" Davis (X-Ray from Monsta Island Czars) did the music with a guy called Theodore Sharpiro. Basically this means a bunch of M.I.C. members appear on the songs that feature vocals, with Megalon, Vulcha and KD (aka Kong) all hitting the booth with mixed results. The Metal-Faced Villain also passes through for a couple of brief appearences, over live tracks that sound like a mix between the Charlie Brown theme and an afternoon with the Fat Albert gang. Since Doom has become an underground superstar these days, I thought a few of you might enjoy these.

MF Doom & Scott Free - "New Beginning" (On The Ropes Soundtrack, Milan, 1999)

Vulcha/Kevrok/Rodan/MF Doom - "Anti-Gravity" (On The Ropes Soundtrack, Milan, 1999)

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