Thursday, February 03, 2005

Great Soundtracks To Awful Movies Part 1 - Trespass

While Juice, Menace II Society and Boyz-N-The-Hood were all enjoyable flicks with quality, all-star hip-hop soundtracks in tow, many killer tracks have been wasted on pitiful celluloid trash. Case in point - this Ice-T/Ice Cube vehicle (Iceploitation?) which is only memorable for the fact that it had it's original title changed from Looters after some truck driver got hit in the head with a brick in LA (aka the Rodney King verdict uprising/riiiot/jump-off).

It's other redeeming feature is a soundtrack containing the greatest Lord Finesse track ever made. "You Know What I'm About" also marked the Funkyman hitting his straps on the beat tip, as he laced up that Scooby Doo shit perfectly (grab his Crates To The Files album for the original T-Ray version featuring Big L, another victim of label red tape). This song is the perfect backdrop to bust someone in the head with a wine bottle or some other type of enjoyable anti-social activity.

WC and The MADD Circle (featuring your man Coolio) also deliver an outstanding non-LP banger with "Quick Way Out", which reminds me of how good LA rap was when they still looped-up Zzap records instead of fucking with corny keyboards. Other quality efforts were Black Sheep's "On The Wall", Gangstarr's "Gotta Get Over" and Donald D's "I'm Gonna Smoke Him".

Lord Finesse - "You Know What I'm About" (Trespass Soundtrack, Sire, 1992)

WC & The MADD Circle - "Quick Way Out" (Trespass Soundtrack, Sire, 1992)