Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Horrible Movies with Not Quite As Bad Soundtracks Part 3 - Street Fighter.

Although it's becoming a popular trend in Hollywood these days, celluloid versions of coin-guzzling video games have tended to be totally appaling, as the Mario Brothers movie can attest. Considering that Street Fighter was ruling the arcades in the early nineties with an 2-dimensional iron fist, it was only a matter of time until somebody called Jean-Claude Van Damme to throw on a muscle shirt and beat-up some guys in cheesy outfits. For some reason, one of the pony-tailed, Evian-sipping studio execs decided that this project required a rap soundtrack, and a selection of seasoned vets and new schoolers were assembled for the album.

Groups like the Pharcyde, Anotha Level and the B.U.M.S. contribute some luke-warm efforts, demonstrating just how tepid much of the LA new school movement really was, while Craig Mack and LL bring some really boring shit to prove that New York can make shitty music as well as well as anybody (although Cool J's Easy Moe Bee beat wins), and the less said about cuts from Ice Cube and Public Enemy (sorry, I mean Chuck D introducing The Wreck League), the better.

On the upside, Ras Kass delivers an incredible verse between Ahmed's suprisingly capable opener (he was that one-hit wonder who made "Back In The Days" and had a print ad which read "This boy from the hood ain't packin'. You Got A Problem WIth That?" or something corny like that) and Saafir's love-him-or-really-really-really-hate-him broken android vocal technique. King Tech's use of "Harlem Buck Strut" doesn't hurt the cause either. Nas imagines "no gun, no knife, it's a one on one so we got's to fight", however his narritive lacks direction and the sappy chorus crooning undermine any potential the song may have had. But since it's 1994 Nas material, his flow alone makes it worth a listen (once, anyway).

As a bonus, I've included a low-fi, 128kps rip of one of the worst songs ever - Hammer and "Neon" Dion Sanders catching "wreck" in the booth with "Straight To My Feet"! This track will rock any house party, kegger, mixer or prom....(OK, maybe not but I have a newfound respect for Hammer after I read that MC Serch interview where he talks about how he almost had 3rd Bass killed when they went to LA).

Ahmed, Ras Kass and Saafir - "Come Widdit" (Street Fighter Soundtrack, Virgin/Priority, 1994)

Nas - "One On One" (Street Fighter Soundtrack, Virgin/Priority, 1994) [FIXED]

Hammer & Dion Sanders - "Straight To My Feet" (Street Fighter Soundtrack, Virgin/Priority, 1994)