Friday, February 18, 2005

Never Saw The Flick, But The Soundtrack Wins Part 6 -Soul In The Hole

Another jam-packed soundtrack, Soul In The Hole was more of a Loud-roster showcase than anything else, but nevertheless it managed to be consistantly enjoyable, especially since it was 100% hip-hop without any fruity punk-schmoove shit. As far as the movie? Never saw it. I can tell you that Organized Konfusion combine with hangers-on The Ill Rahlos for a nice Equinox era free-for-all called "Late Night Action", Mobb Deep contribute Hell On Earth reject "Rare Species" (but since at that stage in the game even their B-grade material was classic) and M.O.P.'s Bill and Fame mash 'em out with the self-produced downtown swinga "Ride". Other significant cuts included Big Pun's debut single "You Ain't A Killer"and (MIA former Jay-Z sidekick) Sauce Money's Premier-driven "Against The Grain", as well as good efforts from O.C., Cocoa Brovaz, Common and Xzibit. You need to get your hands on the whole album if you get the chance.

Trivia Bonus: Darc Mind's song is produced by GM Web D, who's responsible for Sugar Bear's late '80's classic "Don't Scandalize Mine"/"Ready To Penetrate". He now goes by the name of X-Ray, and holds down deejaying and production duties as part of the Monsta Island Czars. He also hosts X-Tacy Radio which offers a free download of the latest show.

Organized Konfusion - "Late Night Action" (Soul In The Hole Soundtrack, Loud, 1995)

Mobb Deep - "Rare Species (Modus Operandi)" (Soul In The Hole Soundtrack, Loud, 1995)

M.O.P. - "Ride" (Soul In The Hole Soundtrack, Loud, 1995)

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