Tuesday, February 15, 2005

One Good Song From The Horrible Soundtrack To A Cheesy Movie, Part 5 - Class Act

Remember when Kid 'N Play were called Fresh Force? Me neither. I have to admit they had a few good songs on their first album (like that joint with the Talking Heads loop), and as they got worse and worse at making music it they focused their efforts in starring in three installments of House Party (peace to Robin Harris), and when that franchise ran out of steam they flipped it into Class Act, which saw your man Kid (the class geek) have his school records mixed-up with Play (the "tough guy") with "hilarious" results (or at least that was the plan). Clearly this was just House Party all over again, except with less dancing. Apparently, a few years later Kid decided that rap music was evil and went on some talk shows or some shit. I'm sure his mother was real proud.

But the one reedeeming feature of this whole band-wagon was a dope Lord Finesse/Showbiz track called "Set It Off Troop", which sits on the soundtrack wedged in between some weak R'n B trash. "Oh, I already got that song on the Crates To The Files bootleg". "Yeah but that was a different version, this one has cuts on the chorus". Basically Finesse was on fire like STET (or Lloyd Banks if you're under 30) in '92, and he kicks some great lines about how he doesn't dance like all these other happy rappers, which is basically a direct diss at Kid 'N Play. I guess the Funkyman was worried that he might look soft being on the soundtrack to a cheesy "raploitation" flick.

Lord Finesse - "Set It Off Troop"(Class Act Soundtrack, Giant, 1992)

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