Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Crack The 40 oz. - Not So Nuts about Retail 10

Regardless of whether or not you still buy everything that The Beatnuts put out, their first three releases are classic material. After setting things off lovely with the Intoxicated Demons EP, they hit us in the head with The Beatnuts (aka Street Level), which was pretty much a flawless album and a true testament to their production skills. It was also the only project to have Fashion on board for the whole trip. Around the time that this project was released, there were several tracks that didn't make the final cut, most likely due to to sample issues. A few years later, three of these songs were handily white labelled for our listening pleasure.

"Fluid" rocks the same loop as heard on Buckwild and O.C.'s "What I Represent" (as featured on Bootleggin' last month), while "40 oz." freaks the beat already heard on Tribe Called Quest's "Stir It Up (Steve Biko)". I can't remember if Midnight Marauder's was already out, although that may explain why this song got cut from the finished album...(yes, amazing as it may seem, there was a time when using the same loop as someone else was considered weak amongst beat junkies). Finally, the excellent "Sandwiches" is unleashed in all of it's full-length glory, extra verses and all. I'm a big fan of "40 oz.", as it combines a huge beat with classic, demented 'Nuts lyrics about losing pet dinosaurs and shit that would sound corny as fuck coming from anyone else, but the World's Famous were on fire at during this period and they could do no wrong.

The Beatnuts - "40 oz." (white label, 1994?)

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