Friday, March 25, 2005

Japan-only D.I.T.C. heat (No Domestic Retail Part 8)

Exclusive Japanese release's started to pop up more and more frequently in the late '90's, as underground New York artists were offered nice chunks of change to provide previously unheard material for labels such as Next Level. Guesswyld artists' Mike Zoot and Lace Da Booms both released double 12"s exclusively for Japan, and groups like the Jigmastas have also released alternative versions of records over there (such as the "Iz U Dee" single without the remix but with an accapella), but the real gem was Diggin' In The Crates All Love CD. This actually turned out to be a stronger album than either Worldwide or The Official Version, the groups two domestic releases, as it focused more on older material and featured contributions outside of the key DITC members.

I've chosen three tracks which I haven't seen bootlegged on vinyl yet (although they may have been). "Revenge", a solo track Molecules from The Legion, sees the Bronx bomber get his storybook on over a sinister Show backdrop, while "Lyrical Threat" allows rookie Terror Tongue to do his thing over another quality Buckwild production. Finally, Show delivers another outstanding remix with his reworking of "Internationally Known", which replaces the original's played-out Cat Steven's loop (already heard on Dismasters' "Kiesha", KMD's "Nitty Gritty (Remix)" and Double XX Posse's "On A Mission") with a far-superior, vibe-heavy beat.

Molecules - "Revenge" (All Love, Next Level, Japan, 1997)

Terror Tongue - "Lyrical Threat" (All Love, Next Level, Japan, 1997)

D.I.T.C. - "Internationally Known [Remix]" (All Love, Next Level, Japan, 1997)