Tuesday, March 15, 2005

"Mr. Record Company Man, please give me a push" - Large Pro in Retail Limbo Part 6

I've discussed this project already here, but these are two of the better tracks. Taken from the CD version that was given away with the 1st Class album, along with a t-shirt, "Stay Chisel" 12" and the Mista Sinista Large Pro Megamix...with all those freebies, I didn't really care that half of his Matador project was musically weak. Maybe that was the idea.

Previous to that super-promotion, the only place to cop The LP was a fifth-generation cassette dub that was ripped to an even worse sounding MP3 file with way too much bass and hiss. While it was difficult to listen to, I still enjoyed finally hearing this album, and when I saw it bootlegged onto vinyl I was quick to check it out. As it turns out, some moron had pressed-up the crappy version I already had. What a fuckin' rip-off! Good thing I didn't buy that shit.

When I got the promo CD taken from Large Pro's masters, it was great to hear it hear it with proper sound quality intact, but it wasn't long before I noticed that some of the illest songs were missing! "Queens Lounge" and "For My People, Part 2" (which features The Live Guy flipping phrases using the intials LP) were the two most sorely missed. And like clockwork, this CD was white labeled quicker than you can yell "Fuck them two deejays!". Included here are "For My People" and "Hungry", two songs that capture the kind of atmospheric feel that Large was bringing back in '96

Large Professor - "For My People" (unreleased, 1996)
Large Professor - "Hungry"(unreleased, 1996)

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