Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Never Made Retail Part 1 - Nas

As one of the most loved (and equally hated) verbal architects to grace the booth, Nasty Nas has been responsible for some particularly dope songs which never made the final cut of his commercial releases. So much so, in fact, that Columbia is about to release a second installments of his Lost Tapes. According to Illmatic Executive Producer MC Serch, the only track recorded for that project that didn't make the grade was the Large Professor-produced "I'm A Villain". I'm not too sure how accurate this is though, since there are demo versions of "It Ain't Hard To Tell" and "Represent" floating around....maybe he meant "finished tracks".

More recently, the original 12" promo version of "Disciple" featured the classic "Stilletto" break in all of it's stripped-back, park-jam glory. G Rap would have been proud. Billy Joel's publishing house wasn't however, which might explain why the album version featured an awful "cover version" of the beat instead.

Nas - "I'm A Villain" (unreleased, 1994)

Nas -"Disciple" (original 12" promo version, 2004)

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