Friday, March 04, 2005

Never Made Retail Part 2 - Nas, Tragedy & Noreaga

For some reason, a lot of Nas guest appearences seem to end up on the cutting room floor. This may be due to his management, Columbia's over-priced appearence fees or just Nas being an arrogant asshole, but a lot of songs he's made with lesser-known QB people never seem to make retail. A perfect example is "Calm Down", which was originally intended for Capone-N-Noreaga's classic The War Report. Over what sounds like an EZ-Elpee production, CNN mentor Tragedy sets things off in top form, while Nas lends both a verse and a catchy, off-key chorus which is based on Evelyn "Champagne" King's disco hit "Love Come Down" (thanks to Benny B for the tip). Noreaga wraps up proceedings in his trademark ignorant style, threatening to "put the lah out in your mug like ashtray" and ordering bitches to "sex me, suck me off - munch crunch - like a Nestle". Outstanding work. This has been white-labeled more times than I can remember, and also appeared on Tragedy's Thug Matrix 2 CD (which is where I got it from since it's a lot easier than locating the record in my shelves and recording it, hence the bonus intro).

Years later, Nas shot his mouth off and insisted that NORE "Step his rap game up", while Trag and the Superthug also went through some (now resolved) conflicts following some funny money issues, so the chances of seeing this line-up on a song again is as likely as The Grand Imperial Diamond Shell dropping another album.

CNN featuring Nas - "Calm Down" (unreleased, 1996)

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