Sunday, March 06, 2005

Never Made Retail Part 3 - Kamakazee, Nas & Cormega

Marley Marl's track for "On The Real" has certainly proved it's staying power, as no less than three versions of this song have released. The first incarnation was for a group called Kamakazee (KL and Kyron, who would later join Poet and Hostyle to form Screwball), which also featured verses from fellow Queensbridge residents Nas and Cormega. According to Brian Beck from Wisconsin: "this originally came out in 1995. It was the flip side of the super-rare Kamakazee "Da Bridge '95" 12", which was limited to a few 1000 copies. "Da Bridge '95", which is Kamakazee over "The Bridge" beat, never really made much noise but "On The Real" blew up on mixtapes and radio shows thus it got bootlegged". A few years later it appeared on Screwball's Y2K album, but replaced Nas' bars with Havoc from Mobb Deep, and featured a new verse from Mega, since Nas wanted too much money to for his appearance. (I originally reported that KL dissed Nas because of this on the next album, but I just found out that his verse from "Loyalty" was directed at fellow crew member Hostyle! More on this soon).

Finally, when Columbia released the "10th Anniversary" version of Illmatic last year, "On The Real" appeared as a Nas solo! Keeping the original verse, he simply added another two and claimed the song as his own. The original version still reigns supreme, so here it is in all it's crackly, poorly-pressed bootleg glory.

Also, stop past Cocaine Blunts if you haven't already to get the unreleased Mobb Deep burner "Cop Hell".

Kamakazee featuring Nas and Cormega - "On The Real (original version)" (b-side to "The Bridge '95", 1995)

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