Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Never Made Retail Part 4 - Tragedy, Havoc & Extra P

More white label shit from The Bridge, with another contribution from Steady Bootleggin' favourite - Tragedy. His second album, Saga of A Hoodlum, included a cut called "Pass The Tek" featuring Havoc, but there was another version of that song recorded with Extra P on the boards and the ad-libs. It wasn't released until around 1996, when it appeared on the Intelligent Hoodlum's own label (this single was also bootlegged a couple of years back). As with Akinyele's original, uncleared version of "In The World" (which itself had only seen a white label release until Eastern Conference issued Ak's Lost Files album), Large freaked his beloved Johnny "Guitar" Watson loop in classic fashion for "Da Funk Mode". Even more confusing is that the flip of this 12" includes another version of "Pass Da Tek", with the same chorus as the LP version but with different lyrics, an altered beat and no sign of Havoc.

This wasn't really a great period for Trag, as his lyrical style seemed to be influenced by some of the gimmicky deliveries that ruined a lot of records from 1993 (when everyone thought screaming phrases like "Mad props!" on the chorus was the way to go), but he soon got back on track and made great records like "True Confessions" and "Illuminati" a couple of years later. Another song that didn't make the final cut of the Saga LP was "Bullet", which was yet another victim of the the Ice-T/Bodycount "Cop Killer" fall out (if anyone has a copy of this track, please let me know). His last solo album, Still Reportin', was not what I was hoping for musically, but featured some of the most powerful, heartfelt lyrics ever laid down in the booth.

Tragedy featuring Havoc & Extra P - "Da Funk Mode" (b-side of the Pass The Tek 12", 25 II Life, 1996)

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