Thursday, March 10, 2005

No Clearance? No Retail! Part 5 - Pudgee, Biggie and Lord Tariq

This whole Biggie Smalls murder anniversary thing isn't really something I give a shit about. The only "hip-hop" deaths that meant anything to me were Scott La Rock, Subroc and Big L, in that order. With that said, however, now's as good a time as ever to throw on some more uncleared sample action your way. This time, a hot Donny Hathaway loop spelled doom for this quality track, as Pudgee attempted his second shot at rap stardom. Having failed to impress on his poorly-titled (Give 'Em The Finger), punchline-driven debut, Tha Phat Bastard tried for a more rugged approach, enlisting hardcore heavyweights Biggie Smalls and Lord Tariq (Money Boss Players) to assist/overshadow him. While "Think Big" had all the ingredients for an underground smash, sample clearence issues deaded any chance of retail recognition, and this gem was restricted to test-pressing and inevitable bootleg status. Pudgee recorded a second version with a really wack new beat and replaced Biggie's verse with Bronx legend Sadat X (who gives an outstanding performance), finally granting the song an official 12" pressing. [Thanks to Jamaal for sending me the remake.]

Pudgee also shot his mouth off in The Source, claiming that he wrote most of Joe Fatal's verse for "Live At The BBQ". I spoke with Joe a few weeks ago (look out for the full interview on A Tribute To Ignorance in the near future), and he explained exactly who wrote which line on that masterpiece, and said that Pudgee was full of shit (he also insinuated that Pudgee was "the gay rapper"!). Whatever the case, this is a great song.

Pudgee featuring Biggie Smalls & Lord Tariq - <"Think Big" (original version)

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