Monday, March 28, 2005

Show's Original Recipe - No Retail Part 9

When Show & A.G. released Goodfellas in 1995, expectations were high. Following the popular Soul Clap EP and their acclaimed Runaway Slave album, the pressure was on, and the "Next Level" single certainly made a good first impression. But by the time the album saw an official release, a few things had changed. Show was no longer rapping, which was a dissapointment for many since he had one of the best voices in the game. His contributions were replaced by the Ghetto Dwellers, who had their moments but failed to recapture the chemistry of songs like "Fat Pockets". The final tracklisting was also differed quite dramatically from the version sent out for review, as well-received cuts like "Stand Strong" were nowhere to be found when I got the record home. The album still contained incredible tracks such as "Medicine", which is one of my all-time favourites, but I was fiending for the stuff that got removed.

About a year or so later, I was on vacation with this broad who I didn't really rate too highly, but she paid for my plane ticket so I wasn't too concerned. It turns out that this kid who was staying next door was the brother of one of the Beastie Boys, and he kept trying to (unsucessfully) hit on this girl I was with. This didn't bother me either way, but I took the oppurtunity to rack some records from the spot he was staying at - just on principle.

One of these pieces happened to be a bootleg containing all six of the tracks which didn't make it onto the vinyl version of Goodfellas. These include the CD-only "You Want It", "Ain't No Fun", "Under Pressure" (which also appeared on a Payday promo compliation), "Stand Strong", and the original versions of both "I'm Not The One" and "Time For...". The three unreleased songs were white-labeled again recently with instrumentals on the flip, so I've left those alone in favour of the original recipe "Time For", which was remixed by DJ Roc Raida for the album. Much like Show's version of "Next Level", this version opts for a more melodic angle instead of the stripped-down, minimalist sound of the remix. Not necesssarily better, but worthwhile nevertheless.

Also, two newish sites bringing some great unreleased music are Rhyme Crime Boss (named after the bangin' Poet joint no doubt), and The Rap Nerd.

Show & AG - Time For...(original version) (white label, 1995)