Friday, April 22, 2005

"Hot As Hell and High As Fuck" Live Rap On Wax Part 5 - The Artifacts

Some of the best live records you'll find are the Rocksteady Anniversary bootlegs (I think there's four albums in the series, but I only have the first three). It's basically a live recording of the event, and includes such memorable moments such as Lord Finesse tearing LOTUG to streads (sic), KRS and Fat Joe teaming up, The Grimm Reaper (aka MF Grimm) rocking shit and a bunch of group sets by the Pharcyde, Kurious Jorge etc. Today I'm presenting an early performance by The Artifacts (who were originally called That's Them before they got signed), who only had their Nubian Crackers cameo under their belt at the time but preview several tracks from Between A Rock and A Hard Place.

Tame and El are "high as fuck" and feeling the effects of a sweltering New York summer, which results in some entertaining comments between tracks, as well as several remarks detailing their Rotten Apple conspiracy theory against Brick City residents. Look out for the Kurious set from the same afternoon in the next post.

The Artifacts - "Live" (Rocksteady Anniversary Volume 1, 1994)