Sunday, April 03, 2005

Live Rap On Wax Part 1 - Spoonie Gee

After a month on "No Retail" madness, I didn't get through half of the songs I wanted to include, but it's time for a change of pace. Join me now for a look at what I like to refer to as "Live Rap On Wax".

If for some reason you don't know much about the legendary Spoonie Gee, you can read about his experiences in his own words in this interview with jayquan. This live recording of his early hit "Spoonin' Rap" appeared on the b-side of his "I'm All Shook Up" single on Tuff City (I've heard that some pressings of this single don't include this live cut, but who knows). With no sign of Jerry Lee Lewis or under-age relatives, this Teddy Riley-produced swingbeat excursion was part of Spoonie's late-80's resurgence, as Marley Marl and Ted sucessfully updated his sound on classics like "The Godfather", "Take It Off" and "Mighty Mike Tyson" (which is also one of the best rap dedications ever). It remains unclear why this live track (listed on the label as "Spoonie's Rap") was featured on the b-side, or when it was actually recorded, but as one of the few examples of "official" live rap on wax, it's a worthy addition to the shelves.

Spoonie Gee - "Spoonie's Rap (live)" (b-side of "I'm All Shook Up" 12", Tuff City, 1988)