Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Who Says The Pumas Should Match? Live Rap On Wax 3 - MC Shan

When MC Shan and Marley Marl dropped "Jane, Stop This Crazy Thing" complete with it's Jetsons-sampled chorus, they also blessed us with a couple of b-side treats. At this stage in his career, Shan was the fuckin' man, having dropped the incredible "The Bridge" a year earlier, and this time around he addressed the crack/freebasing epidemic that was sweeping America.

"Jane..." was a pretty straight-foward cautionary tale, but "Cocaine" took the metaphoric approach. Presented in both studio and live mixes, it's the echo-soaked club rendition that wins over the bland "LP Version" (although it never appeared on Shan's album). The highlight of this live recording lies in the crowd response when the subject of this tale of heartbreak is named at the end of the second verse....

Considering Shan's drug problems later in his life, his large discography of anti-drug raps can either be viewed as ironic or hypocritical. These days, Shan is most likely still collecting royalties from Snow's international mega-hit "Informer".

MC Shan - "Cocaine (live)" (b-side of Jane, Stop This Crazy Thing 12", Cold Chillin' , 1987)