Thursday, April 07, 2005

"Yeeaahh Kane!" - Live Rap On Wax Part 2

This is easily one of the greatest live rap on wax moments, primarily due to the fact that it succeeds in capturing the electric atmosphere of a full house of excited fans. This recording finds Big Daddy Kane at the height of his popularity, as you can hear when the notoriously fickle Apollo Theatre audience go ape when King Asiatic hits the stage. If you're unaware of just how popular Kane was during this period, I can remember kids buying the Lean On Me soundtrack just to get Big Daddy's rendition of the title track.

It's worth noting that the Smooth Operator struggles with his breath control a little near the end, but since he often used to join Scoob and Scrab Lover in busting out a few dance steps, this is forgivable. "Wrath of Kane" is such a fuckin' great song to begin with, and hearing it performed live still gets me "about as hyped as hype can get".

Big Daddy Kane - "Wrath of Kane (live)" (It's A Big Daddy Thing CD bonus track/vinyl bootleg, Cold Chillin' , 1989)