Thursday, May 05, 2005

Ced-Gee Special Part 1 - The 900 Number Remix

Once again, it's a new month and I hardly scratched the surface of "Live Rap on Wax", mainly because my record collection is in a constant state of chaos and I don't have the time to search through it properly. Look for more additions in the near future.

Moving on, the month of May will see Steady Bootleggin' focusing on the work of super producer Ced-Gee. In addition to highlighting some of his lesser-known beats, I'll also spotlight a couple of forgotten vocal appearences from Delta Force-One.

DJ Mark The 45 King's certifiable classic party-starter, "The 900 Number" seems to get brought back every few years in one way or another (I predict that the guy who did "Crazy In Love" and "Get Right" will flip it for some singin' broad in a minute), but the original EP release on Tuff City was blessed with three dope Ced-Gee remixes which don't seem to get much shine.

The truth of the matter is that "900 Number" never really needed to be remixed, since it's addictive simplicity is the source of it's universal and timeless appeal, but you really can't lose with Ced's hyped-up, Bronx-flavoured rendition. The first version featured the Lakim Shabazz vocals, but since there's so much going on with the backing track, the two instrumental versions proved to be far more effective to display the added drum fills and soundbites from classic Ultramagnetic tracks.

DJ Mark The 45 King - "The 900 Number [Ced-Gee Remix #3]" (Tuff City, 1991)