Sunday, May 08, 2005

Ced-Gee Special Part 2 - Cold Slammin'

Ultramagnetic weren't exactly known for their guest appearance's. In fact, prior to parting ways, the crew's vocal cameo's extended only to Ultra fam member Tim Dog's Penicilian On Wax, a Raw Breed track (Kool Keith is related to one of the MC's), that "Free South Africa" record and this song.

I'm not sure what led to this collaberation, but Ced-Gee and Kool Keith recorded a track with Dutch group King Bee in 1991. Rude Boy Remington mentions being an "Amstradamian" at some point in his verse, indicating that perhaps these guys carried weed for Ultra during their European tour. But due to the availability of quality smoke over there, I wouldn't have thought that weed carriers would have been a necessary consideration, since you can just order hash from it's many "coffee houses".

Either way, Ced and Keith lay it down in their classic trademark style, while their new-found Euro pals do there best Ultra impersonations with amusing results. Producer, DJ and MC, Allstar Fresh, also scratches in Keith's "I'm the king bee" line from "Break North" to further cement himself to the Bronx Bombers' jocks. Not that I can blame him - I would have gladly carried some hydro for Ultra before they dropped Funk Your Head Up. Allstar also placed second in the 1988 DMC's, and these days can be found producing and playing House music under the name of DJ Guan.

King Bee featuring Ultramagnetic MC's - "Cold Slammin' [Hypo Mix]"(Torso, 1991)