Sunday, May 22, 2005

Ced-Gee Special Part 4 - A Tale of Two Ced's

The story behind MF911, which they helpfully included on the back of the album, is actually more entertaining than much of the album. Originally calling themselves Philly Boy Productions, they changed their name to Mega Force 911 after Chuck D suggested the name "911" when they met him backstage (they also mention "This was before his album came out with the single 911 Is A Joke", just in case we thought that song was directed at them?). After a few ups and downs, they finally gave the music game one more shot in the summer of 1992, and decided to try and track down Ced-Gee, who they considered "the best on the music scene".

After getting Ced on the phone, they decided to make a twelve-hour car trek from Detroit to visit New York, where they were greeted by Tim Dog and finally met their idol, the Delta Force himself. The next day they were invited to the Ultra Lab to work on some tracks, and by the end of the year Ced had gotten them a deal on Next Plateau (possibly as leverage to get Ultra's off).

The group consisted of Anthony "Mad" Singleton and Ced "Rat" Chubb, with their brothers Tim the Terrible and Mainy Main serving as weed carriers. Ced-Gee and Charlie Beats co-produced most of the songs with the group, and once again Ced reheats the old trusty break from "The Mexican" on "Get Open". The standout for me is "My Turn", which features a dope Ultra reworking of The Whole Darn Family. Lyrically, MF911 come-off like a cross between Tim Dog and Ced-Gee, which is not suprising since their album could have been billed as 'The Baby Ultramagnetic" in much the same way as Poison Clan were the "Baby 2 Live Crew" and Too Much Trouble were the "Baby Geto Boys". While that would have been great news in 1988, Ultra weren't that great by '93, so a low-budget version was hardly going to set the world on fire. If you see the album in your local dollar bin, give it a listen but don't expect too much.

MF911 -
"My Turn" (Idol * The Bloodsport, Next Plateau, 1993)