Saturday, May 28, 2005

Ced-Gee Special Part 5 - B-side Wins Again

"Travelling At The Speed of Thought" is hardly the most essential of Ultra tracks. Despite the fact that three different versions of the song were released (the original Rolling Stones-based take, the dancefloor-aimed LP remix and the Hip House remixes that wasted space on the "Chorus Line" single).

Once again, the b-side saves the day with the bass heavy, Apache-obliterating sequel to "Ego Trippin' (MC's Ultra)". Showcasing Keith and Ced's early Shout Rap delivery, the lyrics still demonstrate just how far ahead of their time these guys were in terms of vocab, flow and content. Some off-key singing finishes thing up (a preview of Funk Your Head Up's R&B excusions, perhaps?)

Ultramagnetic MC's - "M.C.'s Ultra (Part II)" (B-side of Travelling At The Speed of Thought 12", Next Plateau, 1987)

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